Get Safe Online
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Hunt the password

The importance of taking care with your passwords

How Private is Your Personal Information?

It's easy for scammers to capture your confidential information when you unsuspectingly use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

It’s Personal

Do you use public Wi-Fi hotspots? Check out our video to see what might happen to your personal information.

Vishing Scam

You wouldn’t get certain types of phone calls from your bank, card provider or the police.

Computer Support Scam

If a computer company calls to tell you that there’s a problem with your machine, it could be a scam.

Phishing Scam

You wouldn’t get certain types of emails from your bank, card provider or the police.

Protect your PC

Imagine if what’s on your computer fell into the wrong hands. Don’t let it happen to you.

Protect your ID

Safeguarding your identity is critical. Find out how to keep it protected online.

Ticket Scam

Buy sports or gig tickets that are fakes or don’t exist, and you’ll suffer disappointment and lose money.

Holiday Scam

More and more are being scammed when trying to book a holiday. Don’t join them.

Safe Social Networking

Protect your privacy and be careful who you’re talking to when using social networking sites.

Shopping Online

How to choose reputable online shops and make sure the websites you are using are secure.

Stop spyware

How to set up Windows Defender to prevent your computer becoming infected by harmful spyware.

Use online auctions safely

Check out our valuable hints and tips about using online auction sites safely.